FOLKLORE solo exhibition of Francesco Viscuso


After first appearing at the Beu-Beu Art Festival in Tuscany, FOLKORE by Francesco Viscuso returns to Rome for the 19th edition of the International Tattoo Expo.

On 4-6 May, Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome will host the exhibition project by Francesco Viscuso and curated by Rossana Calbi, that, on this occasion, will be covered with a floral installation.

Alterations of the order of meaning in surreal archaism. Popular beliefs, fairy tales, myths and legends inherited in distorted narratives, yet still live in apparent secrecy. Human history has always been accompanied by the need to ritualize, to believe in enchantment, in magic, in prayer and in sacrifice. It has never been easy to be born, to survive and to accept death. Hence the need to affirm the power of imagination, the faculty of conceiving the elements as supernatural beings and seeking their favor, in a climate of constant tension between desire and fear. Even in the post-electronic era, there is an extra-traditional people, increasingly free from old borders but still supported by old hopes.

Thus Francesco Viscuso explains how his clippings become icons binding past and present; in them the human being explains his life requiring a ritualization. The ritual becomes the symbol it fed itself of and, though substituted in ages and cultures, and even in the most lucid and positivist mind, the symbol is yet the cornerstone for the solidity of thought. Folklore speaks about symbols and their representations, about their links and their past evolutions in which the artist, like a fortune teller, reads the future evolution.

Born in Catania and livng in Rome, Francesco Viscuso graduated in Art Criticism at La Sapienza University in Rome; his artistic research extends to photography, collage, installation, jewelery and ephemeral design. The themes of his work develop in a personal black box that evokes the conflictual relationship between human psyche and natural kingdom. SCATOLANERA PROJECT (Blackbox Project) is also the name of the exhibition project he presented in Milan and Rome; he crafted the projects Pandemonium and Carnival Motel where he confuses literature and real image, sublimating fear into imagination. He has exhibited his works in galleries throughout Italy: Catania, Milan, Rome, Reggio Emilia, Salerno and Salina (Messina).

For the International Tattoo Convention 2018, Francesco Viscuso, after the Beu-Beu Art Festival, presents ten works created with analogic collage on watercolor paper that explain new conjunctures and assumptions to which one can cling to in the chaos of the prevailing logic.



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