In-depth analysis on Ester Segarra


Born in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona, Spain, to a traditional Catholic family, surrounded by the magic of Gaudi’s architecture (Park Güell was her school time playground and Sagrada Familia, her local church), it wasn’t long before Ester Segarra had dreams of exploring other realms, within and out. It was a picture of a sunset she saw when she was six-years-old that sparked her fascination in photography.

Opportunities for artistic expression in her traditional upbringing were non-existent so she created an imaginary world, filled with words, images and music. Her first chance to experiment with photography came during her teenage years, when she was given a chance at school to take a photography class. Against her parent’s wishes, she enrolled without a camera but with fiery determination. She had found what she loved and what was going to destroy her.

At the turn of the millennium her insatiable thirst took her to London, England. It was to be a temporary move but fate intervened and it’s been her home ever since. Here she was able to combine her two big loves, photography and music. Starting to work for Terrorizer Magazine in 2001, she went onto work for Metal Hammer, Decibel, Rock Hard, Iron Fist, Deaforever, This Is Metal and labels such as Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Candlelight, Rise Above, Spinefarm and Peaceville. But most important is the music of the bands her pictures have been instrumental in promoting: Watain, Electric Wizard, Rotting Christ, Venom, Triptykon, Carcass, In Solitude, Mayhem, Shining (swe), Uncle Acid, Blood Ceremony, 1349, Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Abbath, Cathedral, Angel Witch, Ghost and many more.

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